March for Life Action Launches Six-Figure Ad-Buy Featuring the Pro-Life Consensus Ahead of the Democratic Debate 


Washington, D.C. – March for Life Action, an organization which hosts the largest pro-life demonstration in the world held each year in Washington, DC, is launching a six-figure ad-buy that will air on MSNBC ahead of the Democratic primary debate this week starting on Wednesday, June 26th. The organization will run digital ads as well.

The “Consensus” ad features a diverse group of women discussing how their views on abortion reflect the pro-life consensus among Americans as well as Democrat voters.

The American pro-life consensus, and even the pro-life consensus among Democrats, contrasts sharply with the official position of every Democratic candidate involved in the debate, as well as the party platform, which calls for no restrictions on abortion and advocates for its public funding.

The eleventh annual Marist Poll Survey on American attitudes toward abortion taken this year highlights how Democratic candidates are way out of touch with their base as well as the American people when it comes to the issue of abortion.

  • 75% of Americans want abortion limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy, that includes 61% of Pro-Choice Americans and 60% of Democrats.
  • 75% of Americans oppose funding abortion abroad, that includes 56% of Democrats.


Statement from Jeanne Mancini, March for Life Action:

“Over a decade of research demonstrates how out of touch the Democratic Party establishment has become with Democratic voters when it comes to abortion. While 2020 Democratic candidates are taking more radical stances on abortion by the day, the polling numbers are clear: 60% of Democrats want abortion limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy. A majority of Americans also oppose any tax-payer funding for abortion. The Democratic establishment would do well to listen to the American people – or even just their base – instead of caving into the pressure of the abortion lobby.”





Woman 1: America has consensus.


Woman 1: Consensus.


Woman 3: 8 in 10 Americans agree.


Woman 4: Abortion should have real legal limits.


Woman 3: Real legal limits.


Woman 1: Even 6 out of 10 pro-choice Americans agree


Woman 4: That abortion should happen only during the first three months of pregnancy.


Woman 5: At most.


Woman 6: At most.


Woman 1: That’s consensus.


Woman 3: That’s consensus.


Woman 4: But it’s not the law?!


Woman 1: Why?


Woman 6: Why?


Woman 2: Pro-choice politicians.


Woman 4: Politicians.


Woman 3: Many of them want abortion legal right up until birth.


Woman 4: Right up until birth.


Woman 1: Only about 1 out of 10 Americans support this extreme position. [Graphics]


Woman 3: And these pro-choice politicians listen to them, not us.


Woman 5: Not us.


Woman 4: Not us.


Woman 6: Now they want us to pay for abortion.


Woman 2: OUR tax dollars.


Woman 1: Almost 2/3rds of us say NO. [Graphics]


Woman 4: No way.


Woman 3: It’s time for this extremism to end.


Woman 1: It’s time for OUR voices to be heard.


Woman 2: It’s time for politicians to stop working for the pro-abortion lobby.


Woman 5: And join the national consensus. [End Board]


VO: A message from March for Life Action.