Susan Rise – Director of White House Office of Domestic Policy

Posted on: February 22, 2021

Susan Rise – Director of White House Office of Domestic Policy

POSITION: Director of White House Office of Domestic Policy  
NOMINEE:  Susan Rice
Born: November 17, 1964, Washington, D.C.
Family: Ian Cameron, Spouse.  Two children
Occupation: American diplomat, policy advisor, and former public official who served as the 27th United States ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013 and as the 24th United States national security advisor from 2013 to 2017.
Education: D.Phil. (1990), M.Phil. (1988), Oxford University; B.A., Stanford University, 1986


On Roe v. Wade

Susan Rice opposed the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and contemplated a run against Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) over fears Justice Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade


On Promoting Abortion

After being nominated for Ambassador to the United Nations by President Barack Obama the abortion-giant Planned Parenthood praised Ambassador Rice as someone who will actively promote abortion “around the world.”


On Forcing Countries to Accept Abortion

Susan Rice joined abortion allies in condemning a “U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights” for fear it would affect the role of abortion as a “human right.” As U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice tweeted she saw abortion as a “human right” that deserves U.S. Government protections


On Genocide

“At an interagency teleconference in late April, Susan Rice, a rising star on the NSC who worked under Richard Clarke, stunned a few of the officials present when she asked, ‘If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?’ Lieutenant Colonel Tony Marley remembers the incredulity of his colleagues at the State Department. ‘We could believe that people would wonder that,’ he says, ‘but not that they would actually voice it.’ Rice does not recall the incident but concedes, ‘If I said it, it was completely inappropriate, as well as irrelevant.’” Power, Samantha. “Bystanders to Genocide.” The Atlantic September 2001.


On the First Amendment

Susan Rice wrote an op-ed in support of the liberal view of “campaign finance reform” as exemplified in the “For the People Act of 2019.”  In its attempts to “level the field” the legislation in fact would make it nearly impossible for the pro-life grassroots to interact with Congress, requiring onerous reporting if you wish to contact your elected official through a pro-life group.  In addition the legislation would force exposure of donors to targeting of violence.  The bill also includes the public funding of elections, forcing citizens to fund the campaigns of candidates with whom they disagree.


On Using Government Resources Targeting Political Campaigns

A three-year-old interview clip of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice resurfaced Tuesday after the declassified email she sent to herself on the final day of the Obama administration was released. It suggests Rice has lied about her knowledge about the Obama administration’s surveillance of President Trump’s transition team.

The clip comes from an April 2017 appearance on “PBS NewsHour.” Rice was asked about the then-breaking revelations about members of President Trump’s transition team having been surveilled before he took office.

In 2016 Susan Rice was implicated in publicly exposing Trump intelligence officials, an abuse of her authority.  She then lied when she was asked in a 2017 PBS interview whether she knew that Flynn and others “may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and their identities may have been disclosed.” Rice responded, “I know nothing about this.”


Other Controversies

Susan Rice came under fire for giving false or misleading statements to the press immediately after the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi which led to the death of the U.S. Ambassador.

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