6,500 – 7,000 Virginians March To Reject Abortion Extremism

On April 3rd, thousands of pro-life Virginians marched against abortion extremism in their state. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

A few months before, a video of Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran defended a bill that would allow for a pre-born baby to be killed during birth went viral. All eyes were on Virginia when Governor Ralph Northam in a live radio interview on Tran’s bill made comments strongly suggesting support for leaving a child to die after an abortion – in other words, infanticide.

Pro-life Americans across the entire country were outraged by Tran’s and Northam’s extremism. A huge majority of Americans reject birthday abortions. A recent Gallup Poll found that 87% of Americans do not support abortion in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. But we know that even one abortion is one too many.

In a column by Jeanne Mancini, March for Life President, she wrote:

Sadly, it’s no surprise that Tran and Northam are partnering with Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby to advance an extreme pro-abortion agenda. Planned Parenthood committed $3 million to elect Northam and also gave funds to Tran’s political campaign, along with pro-abortion Emily’s List and NARAL. But that extreme agenda doesn’t reflect the views of most Virginians and our elected representatives shouldn’t be beholden to special interest groups, especially ones that fail to respect the inherent human dignity of every human person.

Pro-life Virginians knew something needed to be done.

April 3rd is Veto Day in Virginia, meaning every state politician must be present at the Richmond Capitol. While the capitol grounds are usually quiet on Veto Day, this year 6,500 – 7,000 Virginians rallied together to protest abortion extremism on the steps of the Richmond capitol building.

Marchers heard from National pro-life speakers, like abortion survivor Melissa Ohden and Radiance Foundation founder Ryan Bomberger, from the Virginia pro-life organization Virginia Catholic Conference, the Family Foundation, and the Virginia Society for Human Life, and from State Senator Bill Stanley and Delegate Brenda Pogge.

During the Rally, pro-life State Delegates, led by Kirk Cox, the Speaker of the House, and pro-life State Senators surprised the marchers by visiting the Rally to give their heartfelt support for life.



When the Rally concluded, Virginian students carried the March for Life banner down the streets surrounding the capitol building followed by their fellow pro-life marchers. Chants were cheered and songs were sung all proclaiming the pro-life message that every human life must be protected from the first moment of fertilization. After marchers returned to the capitol grounds, many were equipped to advocate for pro-life policy with their state legislatures at a training season with local leaders call ‘Richmond 101’.

As pro-life Virginians head into the rest of 2019, it’s a sure bet that they will be more actively engaged than ever in the pro-life mission to end abortion and build a culture of life in their state and community.

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